Get 50 ELP by following these 4 easy steps.
Refer friends and get additional tokens. Referral program structure is:
1st rank = 1000 ELP
2-10 rank = 500 ELP
11-30 rank = 200 ELP

To be eligible for the Airdrop please follow all the 4 steps below:

Please follow the steps as per below:

Step 1. Join Our Telegram Channels & share.
Join all these channels : Elpis , Airdrop1 & Forum

Step 2. Like on Facebook & share.
Like all pages : Elpis , Airdrop1 & Forum

Step 3. Follow on Twitter & tweet
Follow all accounts : Elpis , Airdrop1 & Forum

Step 4. Join FB Event

Registration Form:

Liked all 3 facebook pages? Elpis , Airdrop1 & Forum
Followed all 3 twitter accounts? Elpis , Airdrop1 & Forum
Joined all 3 telegram channels : Elpis , Airdrop1 & Forum
I agree to receive emails

+ Conditions for airdrop:
Follow all the steps, follow on twitter, like facebook pages.
+ Airdrop Verification & Distribution:
An Airdrop-Manager will be verifying all submissions and subscriptions. In case of anomality the user is disqualified.. Fake accounts will be disqualified, users using proxy or vpn might be disqualified to avoid multiple accounts.

We will be distributing the airdrop referral rewards 1-3 weeks after the airdrop is done..
Thank you.
The Team