Launching an Airdrop?

You need an airdrop referral system?

Airdrop 1 is an airdrop and referral system, it allows you to collect information to conduct an airdrop, and allows you to require from users to perform certain actions before being able to join the airdrop. The system also grants every user a referral link and a membership board where the user can check the number of referrals referred.

We offer a software as a service with a freemium package. Campaigns can use the system free of charge, but can pay to unlock premium options and custmisations.

We are currently in beta stage, and the system is available only to a selected number of campaigns, please contact us if you want to run an airdrop campaign using our system.

We do not promote airdrops, we only offer the software as a service

We are partnered with several crypto entities that can promote the airdrops, please drop us a mail @ [email protected]